Lady Shares Her Horrible Experience With INEC While Trying To Get Her PVC


A Nigerian lady has taken to her Instagram page to share her horrible experience at the INEC office in Lekki while trying to register for Permanent Voters Card.

She wrote:

“So guys pls indulge my long post. I never do this but In this case I have to make an exception… From my experience so far I dont think @inecnigeria wants the Nigerian populace to get their pvc (voters card).

I personally have been to 4 locations btw ikoyi and lekki and each time they redirect me elsewhere. Am doing this post because I think they are honestly trying to frustrate Nigerians not to be able to get their cards and by extension not be able to be part of the electoral voting process come 2019.

I was at the lekki maruwa area to register and the man standing at the gate in this photo was not letting people through at some point he even said only those willing to be under the sun the entire day are those that will get registered or pickup their cards and I asked my self how possible it is for someone to leave their jobs for the entire day and stand under the hot sun jst to register for pvc??? Can it not be done in 1hr.

Also another man that was there was complaining bitterly and he told me that he was there the previous day and could not register as well because once the list of names gets to 120 people they close for the day that means if you don’t come at 5am to write your name if you get there at 9am like I did you can’t be attended to for that day.

WHY FOR GOODNESS SAKE? If you only register 120 people per day when will all 170million of us get registered?
Not only should there be a canopy and chairs to accommodate people but there has to be another way to do this Registration in a decent and efficient manner.

If your experience was different pls share.#myopinion #inec #pvcregisteration#stressfulashell #whytho”

Lady shares her horrible experience at the INEC office while trying to get her PVC

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