“I want To Know If You Taste Just Like Your Mum” – Man Tells His Daughter As He Rapes Her


A man in South Africa has reportedly raped his daughter after telling her he wanted to know if she tastes just like her mum, who happened to be his wife.

The story was narrated by a South African lady identified as @nkomo_alison on Twitter.

I want to know if you taste like your mum - Man tells his daughter Lailasnews 2

According to the lady, the man told the girl since she was already sleeping with boys in the neighbourhood he was going to see how she tastes down there and to even detect if she is as sweet as his wife.

The lady took to the platform to narrate the plight of a 17 year old girl who was raped by her father. The case is already in court, but according to the lady, the young girl seems not to have anyone supporting her.

It is even reported that members of the family have turned their backs against the girl for turning-in her dad. She only has her mum and some members of the ANC women’s league to give her support in the case.

Read the story below;

“I met a 17 year old girl today while sitting in the waiting rooms at court who was raped by her Father guys. Now the fathers family has turned their backs on her and her mom for going thru with the Rape case. The fam went there to support her father and not her.

She told us that her father told her that she sleeps with boys anyways while raping her and said he just wanted to feel if her vagina is like her mother’s or not.”

Mme Monica , member of the ANC women’s league in South Africa is the only support the girl & her mom has had throughout the case . Mme Monica heard their story on Radio and has been with them ever since . May God Bless soldiers like her

Her Biological father. In fact she is his ONLY child.

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