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CCTV Captures The Moment A Burglar Breaks Into A Lagos Computer Firm


CCTV Captures The Moment A Burglar Breaks Into A Lagos Computer Firm

A burglar broke into a computer firm in Lagos and looted all their computers and it was all captured by the CCTV camera in an adjoining compound.

Reports have it that the suspected burglar broke into NexTekk Technology System around 6pm on Friday, January 26, 2018, shortly after the company’s manager locked the office and closed for the day.

CCTV captures the moment a burglar breaks into a Lagos computer firm Lailasnews 1The matter has since been reported to the Ikeja Police Division.

CCTV Captures The Moment A Burglar Breaks Into A Lagos Computer Firm

The Police immediately swung into investigation, but until now, the suspect is yet to be apprehended and the stolen laptops are yet to be retrieved, despite CCTV footage which revealed the moment the incident happened.

The manager of the company, Dayo Adeleye, said his attention was drawn to the break in by a security guard watching over a complex where the company operated.

He said he could not explain how the suspect broke the four locks of the office, but added that a hammer and other tools used by the suspects were found on the premises.

He said,

“We occupy the first floor of a four-storeyed building on Olowu Street, Ikeja. There are other companies using the complex. We got an office space there in October 2017.

“We close for the day at 5.30pm and as usual, I had locked up the office that day. However, while leaving, I sighted a man on native attire entering the complex. His look was suspicious. But since the complex is being used by other companies, I could not tell his motive and what business he had to do there. For security reasons, I returned to check that the office had been properly locked.

“About 45 minutes after I left, the security man guarding the complex called me on the telephone that our office had been burgled. I was stunned. I ran back and discovered the six laptops in the office – four Dell and two HP – were gone. Aside from the fact that they cost about N2m, we had some important client jobs in them.  I saw the hammer the man used to break the locks and the tools he used to open the door.”

It was learnt that three artisans who were renovating another office on the second floor of the building were arrested. They were reportedly released after the police could not find anything to link them with the burglary.

The CCTV belongs to an adjoining pharmaceutical firm

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