Man Stabs Girlfriend To Death In Public, Commits Suicide



Residents of Crowborough phase 3 in Zimbabwe, were left in shock on Monday after a man murdered his girlfriend before he took his own life on the same day.

According to H-Metro, Stanley Maunde, 25, murdered his girlfriend Sibongile Mapondera, 21, after their relationship met a nasty end.

The pair who lived in houses opposite each other were said to have been involved in a serious argument before the fatal act.

A source said Stanley had demanded to see Sibongile’s mobile phone of which she declined, leading to the gruesome murder before unlookers.

Witnesses at the scene said the suspect who appeared to be very sad about the breakup, became very violent and he stabbed his girlfriend repeatedly, before stabbing himself.

“Everything happened so fast we heard screams from outside our house and quickly rushed out only for our eyes to meet a strange thing as Stanley was stabbing Sibongile with a knife.

“People tried stopping him but he continued acting like a possessed person.

He even chased away people with a knife in his hand,” said the eye-witness.

After the heinous act, Stanley left his girlfriend’s body in a pool of blood, before locking himself in his room, where he stabbed himself before the police intervened and handcuffed him.

Both Stanley and Sibongile later died on their way to nearby hospitals.

The families of the late couple have reportedly held a meeting, with the family of Sibongile demanding US$5000 and 12 beasts as compensation for the death of their child.

When H-Metro visited the scene, they discovered that the family of Mapondera is making their own arrangements to bury their relative, but said they will not rest until they get their compensation.

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