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Destinations In Africa Series


Destinations In Africa Series

destinations in africa

Benin is a coastal country in West Africa, opened to the Atlantic Ocean to the south and north of the Sahel. Its peaceful people is composed of many ethnic groups whose cultures are among the richest of black Africa.

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Located in the heart of the country Voodoo, Casa Del Papa is a resort off the coast of Benin, which combines the comfort of hotels with the warmth of a family. Everything has been designed to welcome you with kindness and professionalism. Because of its location, its equipment on site and its warm, Casa Del Papa offers a multitude of activities for relaxation and leisure, ranging from sports to tourism.


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The location of the hotel-restaurant is a short distance from the main center of interest of Benin: Ouidah, the birthplace of Voodoo cult; the Realms of Abomey, Allada, Porto-Novo, the lake city of Ganvié ( the African Venice), and a little further north, national parks and game reserves in the northern region.


Located in Ouidah, on a sandy strip between sea and lagoon, La Casa del Papa is an ideal setting for your weekend getaway with family and vacations.


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