Child Trafficker Sentenced To 472 Years In Prison, Longest In The U. S. History

Suspect: Brock Franklin

31 year old convicted child sex trafficker, Brock Franklin, has received the longest sentence for human trafficking in the history of the United State.

According to Fox news, Franklin was sentenced to 472 years in prison for running a prostitution ring in Colorado that preyed on young girls.

In march, a jury found Franklin guilty on 30 counts including human trafficking, sexual exploitation of a child, kidnapping and child prostitution.

‘A 400 year sentence sends a strong message across the country that we’re not going to tolerate this kind of violence to women and vulnerable populations’,
Janet Drake with the Colorado Attorney General’s office told Fox 31.

Prosecutors said Franklin controlled the girls with drugs and violence, forcing them to have sex with him and also selling them online for sex.

Brian Leary, one of Franklin’s victims, told the court:
‘I can’t begin to even explain to the court what he did to my life’.

In all, Franklin was found guilty of the following charges:
– Violating the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act
– Human trafficking of a minor
– Pimping a child.
– Patronizing a prostituted child
– Soliciting for child prostitution
– Inducement of child prostitution
– Pandering of a child
– Sexual exploitation of a child –producing a performance
– Contributing to the delinquency of a minor
– Human trafficking of a minor
– Second degree kidnapping of a minor — unlawful use of controlled substance
– Distribution of a schedule 1 or 2 controlled substance to a minor
– Soliciting for child prostitution
– Human trafficking of an adult
– Five counts of pimping
– Sexual assault
– Attempt to commit pimping.

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