Beyoncé, Tina Knowles & Blue Ivy Reveal Three Generations In Queenly Style


We knew Beyoncé’s performance at the Grammys was going to be phenomenal.

That pretty much goes without saying. However, what we may not have expected, though, was for her introduction to be so emotionally powerful.

This was mostly because it was done by Mama Knowles herself. Tina Knowles introduced Beyoncé at the 2017 Grammys, and it proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is her daughter’s number one fan.

Like most mothers, Knowles took the time to describe just how proud she is of all her daughters — all of whom are Grammy winners, by the way.

She also went on to talk about how much she admires the love and devotion Beyoncé shows for her own daughter, Blue Ivy, and that her talent is “evident in her powerful words and music.”

After the introduction, Blue Ivy was also invited on stage and a powerful masterly shot worthy of three class generations was taken.


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