Wickedness: Little Boy Abandoned Inside Carton In Gutter At Yaba On Christmas Day


The little boy pictured above was this evening abandoned in a carton dropped in a gutter at the Yaba area of Lagos.

Twitter user @facialdisoder shared the pictures online.

See below:

Another online user shared the photos:

Why will anyone do this to a child at all, let alone on Christmas Day? Could he really just be missing? 

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  1. Bomi says

    Maybe he’s our generation little moses… who knows.

  2. Lionheart says

    He’s surely abandoned by a demonically possessed somebody. May God have mercy on us.

  3. xxxx says


  4. Mannyxander says

    What a shame, let lagos state govt adopt this child, and take care of him. He would eventually become great tomorrow.

    Manny the long lost MDB’er

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