The Fart That Killed 10,000 People


Farting, breaking wind, messing, pollute or gas. Whatever you call it, farting is a seen among some cultures as a taboo act, and also a source of fascination.  We might think of farts as smelly trapped gas, but the history of farting is more than just hot air.

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Farting has a spiritual side.In Manichaeism, a dualistic religion popular in late antiquity that at one time counted St. Augustine among its members, actually held that farts were the act of freeing divine “light” from the body. 

Manichaeism may have been, the only world religion to have believed in the redemptive power of farts but they weren’t the only ancient group to give the phenomenon a great deal of thought.

In addition to laying the foundations of trigonometry, the philosopher Pythagoras was concerned that a person might fart out his or her soul. Thats why he steered clear of beans. Given that the soul was breath and a fart is a kind of breath, the explanation makes a lot of sense. Abi

The ancient fear of farting is justified when we consider the surprising number wars provoked by farts. The vikings who were vicious warriors started huge fights just by farming in a fellow kinsman’s meal which was thought as the height of disrespect. This usually led to the butchering of a 20-30 people simply because no one could take a joke. 

According to the Greek historian Herodotus, a fart set off a chain of events that led to a revolt against King Apries of Egypt. 

The repercussions were even worse in first-century Jerusalem. According to scholars, The incident took place shortly before the Passover and caused a riot that led to the deaths of 10,000 people.

Believe it or not! 

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