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Burna Boy Covers & Tells Thrilling Life Story In Latest Issue Of Guardian Life Magazine


Burna Boy Covers & Tells Thrilling Life Story In Latest Issue Of Guardian Life Magazine


Damini Ogulu, also known as Burna Boy is the cover star of the latest issue of Guardian Life magazine. The music star, famous for his Nigerian reggae-dancehall infused songs, is described as the “coolest kid on the block”

  Burna’s music career became official in 2012 as he rose to fame after releasing hit singles “Like To Party” and “Tonight”.  Growing up in a family of music, he was destined for fame. He explains, “I don’t think there was ever a time I wasn’t doing anything music”.

Guardian Life writes that:

His media personality radiates with bad boy connotations, but in person he comes across as cheerful and often kind to the people around him. “I am not big on materialistic stuff, I wouldn’t concern myself with it if I didn’t have to… so that is why my mum is there thank God. If not I would have given up all my stuff,” he explains, with childlike giggle.  As his barber proceeded to shape up his boys at his home, Burna expressed a down-to-earth greeting amongst his peers and workers. It was hard to miss the sense of playfulness about him, one could describe him as a little boy at heart.

Most people consider Burna to be the most underrated artist in Nigeria. Although his musical talent is largely known within the country, as well as internationally, there is a lot of controversy around his ability to obtain awards particularly in Nigeria. In fact, early this year, Burna made history in South Africa, as he became the first to win the” One Africa Award” at the prestigious Metro FM awards ceremony. However, he is yet to bag well-deserved awards within the borders of his own country.

While many have credited the controversy to the crooked ways of “Industry politics”, Burna refuses to be labelled as part of the industry. He strongly emphasizes his lack of interest in the Nigerian award system and highlights that the aim of his music is to “feed the soul of people that it concerns”.

Read his interview here.

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