BULL SPERM: Scientific Breakthrough Shows Why It Helps In Rapid Hair Growth


Move over, Olive oil and Shea butter. Now, stylists are all abuzz about the latest miracle hair treatment: bull semen.

You may thing this is funny but Beauty Spa’s and Celebrity salons all over the world are  offering clients conditioning treatments made out of bull’s semen. Some of the most renowned hair stylists call Bull semen “Viagra for Hair”. Confirming that it helps hair grow 4 times as fast.

This exclusive hair treatment ranges from £85 and above and uses semen from healthy and fertile bulls. The semen is then combined with other natural roots which boots the growing process of hair . The protein-enriched potion is massaged into the client’s hair after it has been shampooed. Then the client is put under heat so the treatment penetrates the hair. The final step is the blow out, which gives the hair an awful lot of body, as well as shine.


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Seeing how successful the substance is, Bull semen may be the latest attempt by hair manufacturers to find pure forms of protein that match the hair protein quantities in order to create the most effective hair care treatment. With the bull semen and Katira plant extract mix giving an almost instant and odorless finish, the treatment may be the start of big things to come.


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