Alaafin Of Oyo And His Beautiful Wives Pose With Sallah Ram(Photos)


This is the moment when the Alaafin of OYO Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III posed with a Sallah ram today just before it was slaughtered.

Kabiyesi o!

  1. OMG!!! It's JIK says

    Alaafin’s love for fairness tho. Baba kee kpe oh

  2. Bomi says

    Alàyélùwá, Alàsé Ìgbá kéjì Òrìsà…

  3. Lionheart says

    But I think the ram must be white before it can enter sallah?

  4. mmaduka Divinelove says

    Nawa oo, one man, many wives

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