He Tricked Us! Jussie Smollet AKA Jamal Lyons Remains On Empire, Survived Gunshot Wound



Last week Empire star Jussie Smollet  tweeted the above after he was shot at the end of the week’s episode.

The assumption was that the talented RnB star had been killed off and this saddened many Empire fans, yours truly included.

But alas, it appears Jussie just played a publicity stunt as it turns out he didn’t die after all. In yesterday’s Episode of the FOX show, the finale of the season, it is revealed that he survived the gunshot wound, hence showing that his tweet was just a properly planted publicity stunt which was far from necessary.

See video of him defending the tweet below:

If he ever cries ‘wolf’ again, we sure won’t take him seriously.  SMH.

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