Caitlyn Jenner’s Transgender Reality Show ‘I Am Cait’ Banned In Nigeria



MultiChoice Nigeria, owners of Dstv have removed “I Am Cait” from its E! Entertainment channel’s Schedule after many Nigerians complained about the show.

‎A statement released by the satellite TV company yesterday May 24th, say they are aware of the concerns raised by some of their viewers regarding the programme “I Am Cait”, a reality show about Caitlyn Jenner’s transgender journey.

According to the statement, the decision for it to be pulled down was taken after an instruction from the National Broadcasting Commission NBC. Many Nigerians had complained that the show was not good for their children to watch.


I watch the show and totally do not support being gay but I’ve sure learnt how things are perceived on the other side of the world so no, I Do Not support the idea of the ban. In fact I think the ban is hypocritical especially in this age of social media. How does cancelling one show ensure that kids don’t get exposed to the wrong thing? Parents should instead take responsibility by educating their kids about what is right and wrong and bring them up in God’s ways so that they have strong discerning minds when they are exposed to these things in their absence.

Also the last time I checked, there are ways to lock certain stations or at least prevent kids from having access to them so this ban to me is highly unnecessary.

Of course you don’t have to agree with me. Let me know what you think in the comment section.

  1. Anonymous T says

    Gbam! Is a right step in a right direction. I support it o, and I urge the NBC to do more. We all must rally round and condemn what is wrong no matter whose ox is gored. what is wrong is wrong if you like reason it from any angle, deep down in our conciousness we all know what is wrong. Remember we will all meet our creator one day and surely be judge by Him. For d social media we will get there someday and correct d wrong, how? I don’t know! Please let’s stand and say to what is wrong

  2. Bomi says


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