David’s Baby Mama Sophie Momodu Writes Lab That Said Her Breast Milk Was Contaminated With Cannabis, Demands Original Copy Of Result


The most recent development in the on going Davido baby mama drama is that Sophie Momodu through her lawyers have written the laboratory where the results of test showing she had Cannabis in her system was obtained.

It will be recalled that on Sunday, The ‘Dodo’ crooner released a lengthy letter telling his side of the dirty custody battle between him and the Momodu’s.

In the said letter, Davido alleged that Sophia lost custody of baby Imade after a medical report confirmed that her breast milk was contaminated with cannabis. A medical report and a picture showing baby Imade breathing using oxygen was released as an exhibit against Sophie.

Sophie in a bid to defend herself of the allegations which her and are family say are blatant lies have through her lawyers written to the clinic where the test was purportedly conducted demanding a copy of the said pathology report .

In a letter to the clinic by S.O. Ajayi & Co, the lawyers noted that:
“Our client gained knowledge of this Pathology Report that your company issued concerning her, for the first time on the social media on Sunday the 3rd of January, 2016. We have our client’s instruction to request you to promptly furnish her with the original copy of the above mentioned Pathology Report, as the said Pathology Report was never given to her.”
See scanned copy of the full letter below.

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    Dis s gettin messier evryday..let’s c hw it goes..
    Time wil tel who s king f canabis either s davido or sophie

  2. Bomi says

    Survival of the fittest…

  3. Ahmed says

    I dunno if it’s just me that’s tired of the whole saga

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