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How To Be A Certified Yoruba Angel

  1. You cannot have more than a Sidechic. 2. A standard, starched white caftan must be ready at all times and in some cases 2 in case of an emergency. 3. You must be a trained “cock-blocker” to your female counterparts especially during wedding

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Dead Or Alive Buhari Makes No Difference – Financial Times

Nigeria’s president is missing in action by David Pilling For two weeks, Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s septuagenarian president, has been out of action, receiving medical treatment in London for an undisclosed illness. His absence has sent the rumour mill of Africa’s most populous nation spinning, with frequent

Why Nigerians Can Never Part With Ponmo

“I have been making up to N60,000 per day for many years on sales of ponmo, ” a seller, who simply identified herself as Alhaja Risikat at Laketu Foods Market in Ikorodu, Lagos, said. Skins of cows, goats and sheep (hides and skin), popularly known