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Lady Whose Boyfriend Cheated On Her Shares Photos Of His Dirty Boxers To Embarrass Him (Viewer Discretion) 

An American lady, identified as Sarrizle Gates,  has called out her  her ex-boyfriend for  cheating on her on social media.

To drive home ‘her point‘ the lady in question  went as far as sharing pictures of his dirty boxers which she claimed she was blinded to until the breakup. The post has since gone viral online and shared by thousands of Facebook users. She wrote:

“DISCLAIMER: I DIDNT SEE THIS UNTIL AFTER THINGS WAS DONE!!! And he would be leaving me 4 and 5 days a week to go sleep and mess with the other girl. Since the post from last night can no longer be seen on my page sadly; I’ll post this Here instead. Guys be 26 years old hype to own and wear ethika underwear but it be full of poo stains. This is how you Queens guys give it up?Come to the cuse and don’t know how to act. Out here trynna play girls but your draws look like this. Maaaaaan i was tight I didn’t see this sooner. I hope after this experience with me Dashawn never tries himself again. want to try to be a player well good luck talking to girls now.”

Photos below:

The things we see on social media ! 

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