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‘How My Husband Turned My Kitchen Into A Maggot Infested Place Because I Travelled For A week” Wife Laments As She Shares Shocking Video


A video sent in by a frustrated woman whose husband turned her kitchen into a maggot infested place because she travelled for a week is trending online.

She sent he story to relationship page make or breakup saying:

Good afternoon… Straight to my case I’ve got a video to send to you guys on how my hubby turned my kitchen into a maggot infested place cos I travelled for just a week and all he could say is they’re just few plates.

He’s not even sorry. After lots of argument, he started raining abuses on me and calling me names and then drove out.

Now he’s not talking to me, he’s used to me apologising even when he’s wrong but this time I’m not gonna apologise.

Press play to watch video:

Any advice for this couple???

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