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UBER Lagos Reduces Fares Up to 40% As A Move To Boost More Requests!!!

Uber is committed to offering an affordable and convenient option for Nigerians to move around and as of Thursday 04 May 2017, Uber will be dropping rates on UberX in Lagos by up to 40%. This means that not only will riders pay less for their trips but driver-partners will earn more through increased demand.

Riders can expect the same quality experience at a more affordable price and driver-partners should also earn the same, if not more through increased rider demand. Fare reductions are designed to help drivers by boosting demand so more people are requesting more rides through Uber, meaning drivers will spend more time with paying riders in the backseat and less time sitting idly waiting for a request.

And Uber isn’t asking drivers to just take their word for it, they are providing temporary earning guarantees until it is clear that this will be the case. These earning guarantees help to ensure driver-partners, who put in the time, don’t lose out.

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