Any Lady Who Doesn’t Pass At  Least 15 Out Of These Tests Not Wife Material -Joro Olumofin

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According to relationship expert Joro Olumofin, here are 20 tests a guy can give a lady to see if she is indeed wife material. He adds that the lady must pass at least 15 of of 20…lol. Read below: 

Dear Eligible Bachelors in Nigeria, any lady who doesn’t pass at least 15 out of these tests is not a wife material by @joroolumofin .

This article is inspired by a conversation I had with a couple of friends at a resort over the weekend. We realized that unlike our parents times it’s very hard to identify the ONE because of social media, wedding pressures, most girls looking like barbies. Are there still loving traditional supportive women out there ? 
Here are a few tests you can run on a prospective wife or lover 

1. Ask her on a date using Keke Marwa, BRT or danfo Bus even if you have a car

2. Tell her to go Natural. No makeup, weave-on or attachments

3. Say you forgot your wallet on a date and see how she reacts 

4. Tell her you lost your job or you want to pursue your dreams OR you’re quitting your job to be a DJ or barber 

5. Wake her up 3am in the morning to make you Eba and Okro soup 

6. Tell her you’re celibate and you don’t want sex till marriage 

7. Tell her you want to resign your job to be a worker in the house of God with little income.

8. Get her all dressed up and take her to a fast food joint.

9. If you have a beard, shave it all up 

10. Tell her to courtesy by kneeling while serving you food

11. Propose without a ring 

12.  Tell her your mother and 2 siblings are moving in with you after marriage 

13. Tell her she must attend mid week service and join the choir mistress gild 

14. Tell her you’re going country, leaving the city and moving to Iyana Iba or mowe ibafo 

15. Tell her to add your mom , dad and all siblings on social media and bbm 

16.  Only on April fools tell her you got a University girl pregnant. Only on Aprils Fool Day.

17.  Tell her you’re going for a course and she should wait for you. be it ( Msc , MBA, Phd ) 

18.  Tell her your mother will be cooking for you 

19.  Tell her she can’t watch Zee world or Telemundo anymore.

20. Tell her no makeup artist, professional photographer for your wedding that you’re saving up.

Fellas, trust me. try this. You will thank me later. Watch her facial Expressions and body language you will get the true “ID” persona / archetypes of your partner.” 

Do you agree?

8 thoughts on “Any Lady Who Doesn’t Pass At  Least 15 Out Of These Tests Not Wife Material -Joro Olumofin”

  1. Lionheart says:

    Some pretenders will still pass it

    1. Mojisola Delano says:

      Well said Lion heart!

      1. Pundit says:

        Even if some pretenders pass some they can’t pass all.Trust me,those were difficult questions and will reflect the true behaviour of the person in pressured times.They were questions for a true wife material.No matter how you pretend you can’t pass ten out of 15…

  2. Nikki says:

    He is mad to suggest all these rubbish. Was that how his father tested his mother? He should go and sit down at one corner abeg. Mtscheeew!!

  3. Austine Ameh says:

    You are a genius my brother. Most ladies will fail this simple test because they will say, they were not born to suffer in another man`s house. That she was made to enjoy in the man`s house that only way she may suffer is by child bearing and that supersedes all other sufferings .Addition on your first date, if she asked you what you do for your living?. And you reply I am keke marwa or okada rider. Then you will be forced to memorise the national anthem your mother sang the day you were born.

  4. olumide says:

    lolz too hard

  5. Bomi says:

    You have made them a little lower than the angel (God) and crowned them with glory and honour…
    – Psalm 8:5

    I read through the whole 20 commandments by Joro and ask myself when did God made men a god, because the last time I checked the bible, it said “He made men a little lower than God”, not even small god or semigod if there’s such.
    I think it’s a shame putting a woman through those ridiculous test, on top say you wan marry her, that’s disrespectful, and I think it’s high time people stop making marriage a must, like an achievement, a degree, or whatever. That’s why I ain’t got nothing on Lesbian, who dared to look at society in the face and said “Screw Men”.
    I think it’s because of the discrimination, women gets a lot of backlash and men just live their lives and do whatever and still be appreciated. Women takes the fall always, they are discriminated by men and women, in fact the woman to woman discrimination is higher than men, and that’s why some women married in a rush, stayed in abusive marriage or relationship, married someone they don’t love, the list is endless…
    When men wants to get at women they use morality as a watchword, women are been tamed by the society. I’ve watched skit of how women turn down a brother who was poor and the brother becomes rich 9months later, this are ways the society have tried to reorientate women psychology, brainwashed them to take whatever comes to them and hope for the best, churches preach sermons like that, but most times men are given a slap on the wrist. I’m not saying women should look down on dreamers, but what’s wrong in a woman dreaming big and wanting the good things in life, why should women be a slave to the society. A lot of women has sacrifice everything for their marriage, but I don’t see why society refuse to appreciate those women. And why can’t we see a lot of skit and articles about how rich guys goes for gorgeous ladies and forget about those that suffers with them in their days of little beginning . What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

    My summation of this article is this, Joro is joking about it, the way the rules were skillfully written shows a lot of sarcasm in it, but I can’t deny some of the so called test are something to think about.

    I never gave up I came back from UK,
    Banjo and Clarance told me I can make it
    Wifey keep telling me not to give up on my dream
    Hey baby, you can have my whole salary…

    – Ill Bliss aka Oga Boss (Asiko ft Suspect)

    Happy International Women’s Day

    1. Bomi says:

      The woman ill Bliss mentioned in the track that supported him in the days of his little beginning was his girlfriend then, but now she’s the wife…

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