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This #CarryYourWifeOnYourHead2017 Trend on Twitter Is All Shades Of Romantic! [Tweets]

Nigerian men on social media started the new year on a faithful note as a hashtag created to flaunt their wives has been trending on Twitter.

The #CarryYourWifeOnYourHead2017 has since been trending as Nigerian men have been posting photos of their wives online.

However some users took to the hashtag to troll other married men who were posting their wife’s photos.

See photos below:



The comedians, advisers, and single fellows also came to play.



One thought on “This #CarryYourWifeOnYourHead2017 Trend on Twitter Is All Shades Of Romantic! [Tweets]”

  1. Mannyxander says:

    We single one just dey sit down dey look una nah

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