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Signs That Show You A Woman Wants You

One of the hardest things for any female to do is to actually open her mind to tell you she likes a guy. It’s unnatural….To them (women).

Instead they leave little breadcrumbs, little, green lights or signals. Here are some signals that would help you know when a woman really wants you.

1) She really laughs at your most ridiculous jokes. The ones that especially aren’t funny.

2) When you drop her off after a date, she insists you come and have a look at her place.

3) She insists you should sleep on her bed even when you want to sleep on the floor or chair.

4) She keeps insisting you should meet her alone at night particularly in a romantic setting

5) She doesn’t see anything wrong in changing in front of you.

6) She keeps asking about your sexual preferences.

7) She winks and bites her lower lip at you when you walk past her.

8) She cooks and brings food to your house unannounced.

9) She always has time for you….Always.

10) She will start ‘sexting’.

Remember…These points are not certain. They vary from different people.

One thought on “Signs That Show You A Woman Wants You”

  1. Mannyxander says:

    Isn’t it just better to go after what u want instead of beating round the bush??

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