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OMG!!! Passenger Aboard Aircraft Finds ‘Manhood’ In His Lunch

Airline food doesn’t have a great reputation – but this meal, served on a Qantas flight from Sydney to Brisbane, ought to win some sort of prize for its funny appearance alone.

The passenger who received the meal told “I asked the server what it was … and he told me that it was a root vegetable.

“I asked him to pass me my phone so I could take a photo … I never take photos of food but this was too funny to pass up.

Me sha….I won’t eat o……


2 thoughts on “OMG!!! Passenger Aboard Aircraft Finds ‘Manhood’ In His Lunch”

  1. Dr. Dre says:

    Root vegetable kwa…i reject it in Jesus name…over and out!!!

  2. Mannyxander says:

    That is definitely a fully developed penis, which kind vegetable is this one?

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