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#DeadPose: South African Social Media Is Rife With This Bizarre Trend Where They Stage Deaths [Graphic Pictures]

Is this trend cool or just downrightly insensitive?

All over South Africa’s social media, people including celebrities, are partaking in the strange new trend called #DeadPose where they pose for the camera as if they’re dead.

2016 witnessed many Instagram trends- The Mannequin challenge, Running man challenge and others but South Africans have taken it several notches high and started off 2017 with this rather bizarre trend- The Dead Pose.

Social media, especially Instagram is rife with images, some of which are very believable, of South Africans, doing the Dead Pose and they did go out of their way with the props.

While some of the poses are hilarious, some are downright scary and a tad extreme.

Different reactions have trailed the rather absurd trend on Twitter.

From labeling it satanic to tweeting that it’s provoking suicidal thoughts.

For some, it’s all fun and games since no one is getting hurt. A few have even credited Jesus Christ with starting the Dead Pose trend. However for others, it’s a little more serious.

Check out some of the images from the trend.

What do you think?

Is this trend cool or just downrightly insensitive?

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