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Traffic Love: Amazing Lagos Couple Who Met In a Traffic Jam are Now Married [See Pictures]


Imagine meeting the love of your life in that infamous Lagos traffic and finally getting married to that person.   This is the kind of stuff epic love stories are made of.

Lagos is a city where some crazily annoying traffic jams could make a 30 minute drive last 5 hours, successfully getting you on the edge of a possible behavioral break down. Traffics where a normal cool headed person morphs into an aggressively bitter person almost immediately because of the stress involved.

Some years back, Olujimi Ogunlela and Farida met inside Lagos traffic; and now many years later… they’re married.

The traffic was a blessing in disguise for the Newlyweds, who were joined together in holy matrimony last weekend Dec. 3rd, #Faji2016,

We say a Happy Married Life to them, and pray you also receive your own traffic of divine encounter.

check out pictures below..

lagos-traffic-couple2 lagos-traffic-couple3 lagos-traffic-couple4 lagos-traffic-couple5  lagos-traffic-couple7 lagos-traffic-couple41

2 thoughts on “Traffic Love: Amazing Lagos Couple Who Met In a Traffic Jam are Now Married [See Pictures]”

    Bomi says:

    Happy married life…

  2. Lionheart says:

    Wish them stress free marriage

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