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20 Tiny Lies All Women Have Told

No matter how good of a person you are, sometimes you just need to lie. 

Whether it’s to get out of something you really, really don’t want to do, or just to excuse your own poor behavior, sometimes it’s easier to tell a little white lie than confessing.

 Here are some of those times. Some instances where women need to tell a tiny lie and what they really mean.

1. What you say to your friends when you’re late: “I’m in an Uber!”

What you mean: I’m just getting in the shower!”

2. What you say to bae when he’s about to take a shower: I don’t know who used your shaving cream!”
What you mean: “I straight-up used your  shaving cream all over my legs and pits and I don’t regret it!”

3. What you say when your workplace bestie gossips about one of your coworkers: “I won’t tell anyone!”

What you mean: “The second this conversation is over, I’m texting my boyfriend, my best friend, and my otherwork bestie!”

4. What you say at your new friend’s birthday party: “Happy birthday! I bought this expensive gift especially for you!”

What you mean: “I hope you say you don’t like it so I can use it for myself!”

5. What you say to bae when you’re running out the door: “I just need to put some lipstick on and we’re good to go!”

What you mean: “I’m gonna shut the bathroom door, take a sh*t, and then reapply my eyeliner for 15 minutes.”

6. What you say to your date when you’re at his house: “Can I use your bathroom  quickly before we go?”

What you mean: “I’m gonna snoop through your cabinets, post a selfie from your toilet and call my bestie to give her jist on how far our date is going.”

7. What you text to your man from the bar: “I’m not drunk!!!”

What you mean: “I’m so drunk! And horny! And also please have some panadol and water waiting for me when I arrive!”

9. What you say to the guy in your building who invited you to his birthday party: “Eyahh, I wish I could go, but I’m out of town that night!”

What you mean: “I’ll be sitting on my ass watching TV and you’ll have no idea I’m around because I’M QUIET LIKE A MOUSE.”

10. What you say to your bestie when she gets engaged: “Congratulations!!!”

What you mean: “Oh my God ARE YOU LEAVING ME FOREVER?!!? I mean, also congratulations, but mainly I AM SO SAD ‘YOU’RE LEAVING ME O! .”

11. What you text the annoying guy who won’t stop texting you: “My phone’s about to die. Lol”

What you mean: “I’m at 96-percent battery life and you are annoying AF.”

12. What you say to your friend who you dodged: “I didn’t get your text!”

What you mean: “I feel bad that I was a bad friend last night and I don’t want to deal with all those feelings right now so I’m just gonna lie but we both know what’s going on here!”

13. What you say to your boss who emailed you at 2 a.m. with something “urgent”: “Can you believe it Sir? I swear I didn’t see your mail, it must’ve gone to my spam!”

What you mean: “GUY, YOU CHOP WINCH!??! I should zero my sleep because you don’t have a personal life abi? BASTARD!!!”

14. What you say to the cute guy at work: “I love green tea too! It’s so healthy!”

What you mean: “I’ve tried it and it tastes like cockroach piss but I’m willing to force myself to try some because I get to hang out with you”

15. What you say when your boyfriend asks where his takeaway asun is: “I don’t know”

What you mean: “In my stomach, guy!”

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