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HELP! My Husband Sleeps With Me Everyday And Will Tear My Thing Soon – Distressed Wife Begs

“Initially I was enjoying it and feeling it’s love and he is addicted to me , but it’s been one year now and am tired . Even if we are having a misunderstanding , he will still come and make love after that he continues the malice , that means love making means nothing to him than just satisfaction. .
 The problem is that it sounds stupid to complain because people will say it’s your duty as a wife , but my body is getting weak , as they say too much of every thing is bad .

I once called him and asked him why he must do it everyday , he said because he can’t do without it, that I should be lucky that he loves me enough not to cheat on me .

After that day I became too scared to complain so that he will not say I was the one who drove him out to cheat .

What do I do please ? I can’t even add weight cause of constant blowing, am shrinking by the day , I feel nothing in my body any more .

Sometimes a woman just needs to cuddle not having some object penetrate her . Am Afraid am getting tired of my marriage . It’s all about love making no communication.

Am tired so tired . How can I cope with this?

What would you advice her to do?

4 thoughts on “HELP! My Husband Sleeps With Me Everyday And Will Tear My Thing Soon – Distressed Wife Begs”

    Bomi says:

    Those that have head don’t have caps, and those that have caps don’t have head…
    One man’s food is another man’s poison…

    Mannyxander says:

    My dear, OYO ooo, dunno what to say… at least it’s better than going out to cheat. I guess u just have to express how you feel about it to him and hope for the best…

    Manny the long lost MDB’er

  3. Lionheart says:

    Let there be mutual and spiritual connection between the two of you and you won’t feel the pain again but the ecstasy. It’s a soul food not body food.

  4. Teejay says:

    Polygamy Polygamy polygamy is the way!!

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