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Economic Crunch : See N7k Worth Of Tomatoes Someone Recently Bought At Shoprite


Hian!  This small thing for N7k? Why will I even buy Tomatoes at Shoprite in this harsh times when it’s already crazy expensive at the local market?

Tomatoes is starting to become a luxurious edible commodity of some sort at this rate. Sigh.

Meanwhile some one posted this on Twitter…


Wayment, she’s just been ridiculous right?  That can’t be a real question 😯…

4 thoughts on “Economic Crunch : See N7k Worth Of Tomatoes Someone Recently Bought At Shoprite”

  1. Mannyxander says:

    First of all, tank God say banga (akwu) still exist, make tomatoes park for one side abeg. This little tomatoes for 7k is equivalent to robbing a bank with ak47. Secondly as for the girl asking the “stupid” question, well there is noting to say but marvel at the extent of her stupidity.

    Manny the long lost MDB’er

  2. King Kong says:

    Na wa o…so Tomato don’t turn rich man food?

    1. Bomi says:

      y’all campaign for the change, so enjoy the fruit of ya labour…

  3. Chynadoll says:

    She obviously just wanted attention and you gave it to her…lol

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