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Adele Wows On The Cover Of March 2016 Edition Of Vogue(Photos)

Adele covers the March edition of Vogue Magazine in which she opens up about fame, family, and fabulous frocks.

See photos below:

Read the full story of her feature  HERE.

Photo cred:Vogue

3 thoughts on “Adele Wows On The Cover Of March 2016 Edition Of Vogue(Photos)”

  1. Lionheart says:

    Cover up is a pride of beauty. Keep it up Adele and leave the nudists to their nudity.

  2. Bomi says:

    So go on go on
    Come on leave me breathless
    Tempt me tease me,
    until I can’t deny this loving feeling
    Make me long for your kiss
    Go on, go on, yeah
    Come on, yeah…

    – The Coors

  3. Ahmed says:

    Niiice! She really slayed it here.

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