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Lobatan: You Won’t Believe The ‘Ladies’ In This Video Are Men(Watch 18+)

The rapper pictured above Fly Young Red is known for is sexually explicit videos and been openly gay.

Young Red, who hails from New Orleans  burst on the scene in 2013 after his controversial song, “Throw That Boy P***y” was released. He is now out with a new video titled ‘Like This, Like That’ which features only Transgender video vixens. Very explicit, viewer discretion is advised. (18+). Watch below:

His first video ‘Throw That Boy P***y’ below:

At this rate, men will have to be requesting birth certificate o to know if a woman is really a woman. Do leave your comments.

9 thoughts on “Lobatan: You Won’t Believe The ‘Ladies’ In This Video Are Men(Watch 18+)”

  1. Dd says:

    They look dirty

  2. Gabriel Ade Adedeji says:

    I can’t fit believe my eyes oooooooo…….these look to me like pure hot babes. Na wa ooooo.

  3. Adam. says:

    Moji this is shocking. I would have just looked at the video if I didn’t know from your headline as another ratchet video and moved on. But to think this are women? Men we men are really in trouble o. Kai.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Eewwhhhhh. Gosh. This is disgusting. His lyrics even more. *pukes*

  5. Conscience says:

    TF is this! Lawd.

  6. Megan says:

    That second is the worse. Sigh… End time things.

  7. lionheart says:

    Suffering demons, you see from the rapper’s look that he’s malnourished. Idiot koromiwe

  8. Bomi says:

    I’m sorry Moji, I can’t watch it, the moment I know they’re all men, it spoilt all the fantasy in my head…

  9. Femi Idowu says:

    End time……

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