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Another Beef Brews Between Davido And Cynthia Morgan(Video)

Female dancehall artist, Cynthia Morgan has in a new video slammed Davido  over his comments on the Headies awards months back.

Davido had said Lil Kesh deserved the Next Rated award, which supposedly angered Cynthia Morgan who was also a nominee.

In the video posted by her, she lashes out at Davido who is currently immersed in some serious baby mama drama at the moment. Watch video below:

She said;

“If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s a f**kboy and me know a couple of f**kboys in this industry. And the award for the best Reggae/dancehall category is Cynthia Morgan…how do you feel now? F**k boy! Balu. Trust me, I like a couple of your music but I don’t f**king like you, fam. I don’t f**k with you so don’t f**k with me. I don’t play like that. If you’re wondering who I’m talking about, I’m talking about Davido. If you got a problem with that, f**k all you niggas”

Davids responded:

The reason why Cynthia feels the need to call out Davido now in a video is very lost on me. She has called him out when he initially tweeted the heads nomination so whats the own calling out about again? Perhaps there is more to this than we know. Nice response from Davido.

7 thoughts on “Another Beef Brews Between Davido And Cynthia Morgan(Video)”

  1. Bomi says:

    This is the way it should be…. I love you Cynthia, you’re the bomb diggity, there are lots of pu**y as* nigg@s in the game claiming the boss, but they’re just di*k sucker, they wanna talk the talk and walk the walk, but they just bunch of walkie talkie fake as*.
    Cynthia Morgan take dem boys to nursery, Lorda mercy!!!, she fu*king schooled dem pu**y as*, she pulled their freaking skirt up. Social media has make dem so called boss so lame, trigger fingers turns to twitter fingers.
    I love the part where she sing along to Big Sean jam…
    I ain’t fu@king with you
    You pu**y as* b!tch, I ain’t fu@king with you
    You dumb as* b!tch, I ain’t fu@king with you
    I’ve got a million trillion things
    I’ll rather fu@king do, than be fu@king with you
    Little stupid as*, I don’t give a fu@k about you
    Or anything that you do… #FreakingHilarious

    Cynthia my gal is the man, she gave a brother man a taste of the 90’s… #OneLove #Peace…

    1. MrGetAnythingUneed says:


  2. lionheart says:

    Cynthia is looking for something more than attentions from davido.

    1. Tee says:

      I have to agreed,didn’t she say she had a crush on him.maybe cause he’s not going returning the love

  3. Sam Nelson. says:

    Watch the trailer of One Blood By Abbey Abimbola on YouTube…

  4. oge says:

    This one is just stupid

  5. Akindeere Adekunle says:


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