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Wife, 14 Year Old Son Old Son Of Shiite Leader Allegedly Killed By Nigerian Army

Zenatudeen, the wife of the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, a Shiite Islamic group, Ibrahim Elzakzaky, has reportedly been killed by Nigerian troops, following a siege on his Zaria residence, the movement has said.

His 14-year-old son and his  personal physician Dr. Mustapha Saeed were also killed during the raid.

The whereabout of the Islamic scholar is still unknown. Some reports say he was arrested.

The sect in a statement by Ibrahim Musa, head of its Media Forum, said apart from Mr. Zakzaky’s son and wife, other prominent leaders of the group were also killed.

One of those who were killed in the siege by the nigerian army

“In the mean time, leading members of the Islamic Movement and other members as well, have been killed by the soldiers including the leader of the Kano Center, Muhammad Turi, Mustapha Sa’eed, Ibrahim Usman and Jummai Gilima.


“The sporadic killings took place at three different locations that include the residence of the revered leader of the Movement at Gyallesu, the Husainiyya Bakiyatullah at the GRA and the Darur Rahma located along Zaria-Jos road where many armless people were killed.

“The killing was so brutal at Gyallesu that even those injured in the shooting were identified and killed in cold blood by the soldiers. And as at the time of writing this press release, the victims run into their hundreds, if not thousands.

“Considering the gross violation of fundamental human rights and extra-judicial killings perpetrated by the Nigerian Army, the Islamic Movement hereby condemns these unjustifiable acts.
“We state categorically that the claim by the Army that Members of the Movement attempted to assassinate the Chief of Army Staff was a blatant lie as the army came back to launch their attack more than an hour after the COAS had passed.

“Clearly, the Nigerian government through its military is now on rampage, in an all out war with the Islamic movement, its members and structures.

“The scale of this attack would suggest it was meticulously planned by authorities and now being executed ruthlessly. The alleged attack on COAS Burutai was just an alibi.

“Therefore, with all pointers at the government as the contractor of the killings, we hereby call on well meaning Nigerians and the international community to intervene and seek redress for the victims and their family members as many innocent people have unjustifiably been killed and many others severely injured,” the statement said.

2 thoughts on “Wife, 14 Year Old Son Old Son Of Shiite Leader Allegedly Killed By Nigerian Army”

  1. Bomi says:

    Fundamental human rights and freedom of expression, does not give you the right to be stupid.
    Their stupidity cause the lives of innocent ones, Muslims are not the only one worshipping God, other religions does to, they don’t use their activities to disturb the public, why do they have to always misuse their freedom.
    The bible say “watch and pray”- Matthew 26:41, even the God Almighty we all serve wants us to be careful when we serve him, cos He’s aware of the evil that dwell in this world. He gave us freewill but He still put some commandments in place do guide our part.
    Give to Caeser what belong to Caeser, and give to God what is God… Mark 12:17.

    The blood shed in Zaria is not on the military, but on the husband and leader of the group who sent everyone to the field in perilous times, this is his responsibility.
    Having Buhari has the president has its good side, now no one will blame a south president of not caring about the north.

    May their soul rest in Peace…

  2. Lionheart says:

    In fact I can’t say anything because “bomi” has said it all.

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