Man Sentenced To Death By Hanging For Stealing N14,570

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An Ado-Ekiti High Court, yesterday, sentenced one David Olugboyega to death by hanging for armed robbery involving N14,570.

The presiding Judge John Adeyeye passed the judgment following the confessional statement of the convict and the conclusion of trial by the prosecution.

“An accused may be convicted on his own confession alone as long as the court was satisfied. Based on the confessional statement of the accused, the court found him guilty as charged. Besides, the prosecution has also proved his case beyond reasonable doubt by providing seven witnesses.

“The accused is hereby sentenced to death by hanging. This will serve as deterrent to others in the society. May God have mercy on your soul,” he said.

The prosecutor, Mr Alaba Adeyemi, told the court that the crime was  committed the offence on March 20, 2003 at Araromi Street, Ikere -Ekiti. Armed  with dangerous weapons including gun and cutlass, the convict  robbed three people-Kola Owolabi of N8,000; Beatrice Olawumi, N5,000 and Idowu Abiodun, N1,570. Cumulatively  the total amounts to N14,570.

The convict, who made confessional statement at the police station, opted to defend himself without a lawyer.

He pleaded guilty to the charge and also confessed to have been involved in series of robberies. The convict confessed to have joined a gang when he was in a prison.

Death sentence for 14K? Yet those who steal millions roam free? Common! The judge should have tempered justice with a little mercy.

6 thoughts on “Man Sentenced To Death By Hanging For Stealing N14,570”

  1. Joseph says:

    He deserve death, not because of the amount involve but the use of arm. He can even kill for 100 naira if allowed. So a rubber is a rubber, no mercy.

  2. Dr. Bm. says:

    Twisted irony

  3. Bomi says:

    Na craze world we dey!!!
    – Fela Kuti

    I’m lost for words…

  4. prince Lakers says:

    Had it mean this is the same judgement they pass to other ppl that still million, billion it could have good, but no why; because they are the same caliber

  5. efkaynation says:

    If he knew this judgement was going to end like this, he would have stolen like a a billion naira..

  6. Adebiyi Ayorinde says:

    The difference btw the million thieves and this dude is the arm he was carrying and besides, those ones use the knowledge garnered from education to steal shikena! But if this verdict is coming from a judge in my state, what was he thinking, I thought we are supposed to be the fountain of knowledge! Life imprisonment or a decade in prison should ve done the trick jare!

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