Ladies, They Say This Is Best Foundation You Can Get Right Now(And The Price Is Reasonable…I Think)

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Ladies, if you’ve been having problems choosing the right foundation for your skin especially those with the oily ones, look no further. The Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is said to be the best foundation you can buy right now, that is if you’re able to part with the extra cash.

According to RankandStyle a website that ranks and help consumers chose some of the best commodities in the market, the Giorgio Armani foundation pictured above is the best foundation you can buy, especially considering the price.

RankandStyle used customer reviews, editors’ picks, and overall buzz to figure out which products  work the hardest for consumers. After compiling all data, the site chose Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation the winner for its rave online reviews and popularity among editors.

Interestingly, its not just editors and consumers who love this foundation  — almost every known makeup YouTuber is obsessed with it, too. This they say is because the foundation blends like a dream and dries to a very natural and comfortable finish. Even though it has the word “luminous” on the bottle, it’s far from shiny or overly dewy. In fact, it has just the right amount of radiance to mimic real skin. This makes it an ideal foundation for everyday and night-out use.

Of course, the foundation doesn’t come cheap, but for a designer product, its somewhat affordable, for those who are ready to spend top naira on good cosmetics…lol. But truth be told, if its as good as they say, instead of buying mac or black up, make person kuku close eye buy this one and get better results, abi?

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation,  sells around N16K ($62) and it is available on Amazon and various online stores.


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  1. oge says:

    Choi I’ve bn searching for good foundation too oh but if we cn buy #16k cream wats der in splurging on foundation to make u luk good its well sha

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