#Dasukigate: Kayode Ogundamisi Says Popular Lagos Blogger Received N240 Million

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As tweeted by Kayode Ogundamisi a few minutes ago…

8 thoughts on “#Dasukigate: Kayode Ogundamisi Says Popular Lagos Blogger Received N240 Million”

  1. Lionheart says:

    I hope is not hmmm….?!

  2. Dr Tayo Ibikunle says:

    240 what???
    Issorait. Moji, no worry, ur won legal Gbemu will soon land!

  3. Pedro says:

    I said it . 850m naira house? Hmmm..

  4. Bomi says:

    So what? Big deal!!!

    I don’t see why this should Create unnecessary noise, she get paid for services rendered, the same way Dokpesi was paid.
    I just hope haters and jealous bloggers won’t use this as an Avenue to take shots at her.

  5. efkaynation says:

    Hmmm…Lips sealed.

  6. Oluwaseyi Edun says:

    Hmmm I hope it’s not linda oii

  7. Abs says:

    Anyone dat have looted ds nation will go down down

  8. annonymous says:

    @bomi…she got paid for her services like dokpesi ba? Issorai. She will visit kuje prison like dokpesi then…you people should continue! All diz “yam” you ppl are sharing, there is God o!

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