Big Birthday Shoutout To Blog Reader Chris Okechukwu

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Today is blog reader Ani Okechukwu Christian Okechukwu’s birthday.

Chris is an ardent Blog reader, so even though he doesn’t comment regularly we will forgive him for today lol.

A very confident and highly driven fella, Chris is also friendly and outgoing. He is married, works and  lives  in Lagos.

MDB wishes him a very happy birthday and many happy returns.


4 thoughts on “Big Birthday Shoutout To Blog Reader Chris Okechukwu”

  1. lionheart says:

    All the best Chris, moji has enjoined us to forgive you for your non-comment attitudes.

  2. chris says:

    HBD to you bro,
    Enjoy your new age

  3. Seun Olowolagba says:

    Happy birthday bro..wishing you long life and prosperity

  4. Bomi says:

    Happy birthday bro…
    We’re family and family stick together, no matter what…

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