Sugabelly: A Rape Victim Or A Young Naive Woman Scorned? By Bolanle Shobowale

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”He is guilty, lynch him.”
Those words are emblematic of the third world society we live in. But when directed against the son of a newly-departed political heavyweight by a woman who has been showing signs of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder for quite some time–they cut deep. but i am here to ask some key questions and make some factual statements.
1. In none of the accusers mails or messages to the accused did she mention he had raped her or accused him of rape and every thing seemed cordial two years after the alleged incident

2. She ceased communication with him after she found out about his court wedding to his wife and he had repeatedly ignored her messages. ending her final message with “mustapha i love you. don’t make me hate you”
3. There is not a single shred of evidence to support her alleged rape story apart from her word
4. Why has the accuser not gone to seek any form of legal action?
5. Why has the accuser not provided us with any evidence?
First, let me acknowledged that rape is one of the most horrendous crimes anyone can inflict against humanity, and one of the most crucial ways of eradicating the menace is for victims to have the courage to speak out. For victims to have such courage, they must have seen a society that is highly receptive towards their plight. Nigeria has, so far, failed in that important regard. But the hope that Nigeria’s attitude towards rape and other sexual assaults would even improve after this latest case is, at best, murky.
The latest outrage about rape across Nigeria (or more accurately Nigerian blogosphere) was sparked by none other than Lotanna Odunze Igwe, a narcissistic Twitter moralist who goes by the pseudonym: Sugabelly.
Although there have been sparse instances of Igwe making reference to her victimhood, the matter didn’t begin to gain much attention until the unfortunate passing of Prince Abubakar Audu, a former governor of Kogi State who died last Sunday at 68.
Immediately after Audu’s death permeated the Internet, and amidst widespread condolences to the loved ones of the APC guber candidate in the stalemated 2015 Kogi election, Igwe took to her Twitter page to spew extremely vicious diatribes against Audu’s ghost and his family, cursing them in the most egregious terms imaginable.
When bewildered Nigerians sought explanation for her distasteful tweets, Igwe said it’s because Audu was largely instrumental to her rape incidents that dated back to 2007 when she claims to be17 going on 18. She claimed prince Audu used his status as a governor to shield his children from justice after they repeatedly gang-raped her.
When reminded that Audu was no longer a governor as at 2007, as the politician had ceased leading Kogi since he lost his reelection bid in 2003 to Ibrahim Audu, Igwe retorted that she made an error of dates, but still went further to add that Audu undoubtedly used his status as a political juggernaut to kill her rape allegations. She ignored further probing questions that demanded cogent or verifiable explanation for her action.
Notwithstanding, Nigerians continued to direct vituperative tweets against her for the ensuing few days. Apparently unable to cope with the fallout that her tweets precipitated, Igwe wrote a comprehensive epistle of her purported ordeal in the hand of the Audus. Some of those mentioned in the alleged rape included Mustapha Audu, Abdul and their friends. She claimed Mustapha was the one she actually dated for several years, but he raped and egged his friends and families to do the same.
It must be emphasised that Igwe has a history of telling senseless, barefaced lies, as with when she said she scored 406 in Jamb, a university entrance examination that has a maximum score of only 400. In fact, her handle is infamous for lies that would make even Lucifer look in envy. She’s the go-to handle for controversial lies and Twitter is replete with comments about how dangerous her lies are.
Similarly, sensible people who knew her history tweeted that they will not believe Igwe was raped even if they see a motion picture of the crime scene, that’s how notorious she is.
In a scathing article titled: “Surviving Mustapha Audu and his Rape Brigade” that she published on her blog, Igwe recanted how Mustapha “dragged Bashir and me into the bedroom, and pushed us inside, saying to Bashir “Fuck her!” before locking the door, and leaving me alone in the darkness with his brother.”i
Then, “On a different date, his cousin, Jibril raped me in that same room. I screamed, and screamed, and fought, and struggled, eventually sticking my fingers into his nose, and biting his hands. In retaliation, he bit me hard on the nose, and later that night, I explained away the swelling on my nose I came home with as an unfortunate meeting with the edge of a swimming pool.” (“Explain away,” of course, being the euphemism for “I lied,” “I made stuff up.”)
By midday on Friday, almost every Nigerian on the Internet was talking about Sugabelly. A plethora of confused, wretched women who must disguise as feminists to earn a living jumped on the story, raining unfettered curses on the entire Audu family. By 3 p.m., the Audus have been convicted by the Supreme Court of Social Media, a gory picture of the aftermath of their murder by prison officials must now be distributed on the timeline. Perpetually-angry attention whores like Oby Ezekwesili have started visiting the parents of the “victim” to console her and political hacks like Lola Shoneyin, whose claim to fame is fabricating lies and plagiarising stories to appeal to the conscience of Nigerians, were saying “Audus deserve what they are getting.”
While all this lasted, no one was really pushing the Audus’ side of the argument until Phillip Obin, a public relations expert, weighed in on the kerfuffle.
Obin’s first action was to reveal excerpts of email exchanges and Facebook conversations between Igwe and her alleged culprit, Mustapha. The facts contained in the emails reveal that Igwe was never raped and also portray Mustapha as a man so jealous to the extent that he’ll never allow casual conversation between his woman and his male friends, much less sanction a gang-rape.
Shortly after the emails went viral on the Internet, the social media opportunists began to change their positions from that of the plight of a woman invidiously gang-raped to that of a poor girlfriend who has lost her mind because she loves a man. It was a spectacle painful to watch.
While their lies were melting, most of them doubled down on their victimhood status rather than own up to their judgemental error and look elsewhere for their faux outrage.
It would take a hopeless hag to believe a story hook, line and sinker without asking for any shred of evidence. Oby Ezekwesili and her merry band of fraudsters should stop to think if they will give an acclaimed pathological liar the same carte blanche if their sons were the ones accused. Ezekwesili is trying to stir public outrage with Sugabelly’s case with the hope that she’ll rejig the momentum of her BringBackOurGirls fame that has since worn out following the advent of the new administration.
Many of those who continue to support Sugabelly seem lost on the irony that rape cases have now become a trivial matter in the face of Nigerians and this will make it extremely difficult for real victims to be taken serious going forward, talk about the parable of the boy who cried wolf.
It is extremely terrible for any man to rape a woman, but it’s even more repulsive when a woman knows she can easily use frivolous rape accusations to ruin the career of any man.
Rape should not be made a coveted status under any circumstances. A lot of Igwe’s online and offline antecedents have revealed a woman who’s deeply troubled and should be confined to a rehab for quite some time. Evidences also show that Igwe has a history of accusing men of rape, including her father in law. Yes, you read that right, her mother’s husband. And did I mention she was also trying to sell a book in the United States about rape?
These are the facts we already know about the whole case according to the released conversations:
1. That Igwe continued to have cordial relationship with Mustapha until late last year, 7 years after the duo initially became lovebirds. Which woman keeps a relationship with a man who did not only gruesomely rape her but also facilitated his friends to do the same? And if she keeps such a relationship, why would she not even make reference to it for once after several years of private conversations hence? You don’t think it’s possible? Me neither.
2. That the Igwe’s mother knew about her love affair with Audu from the onset.
3. That Igwe enjoyed every moment she shared with Mustapha Audu and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.
4. That Mustapha was in fact uncomfortable with Igwe flirting with his friends and families, an act Igwe steeply apologised to Mustapha for.
5. That Igwe and her cohorts (nigerian god/echecrates) were served a ceased and desist letter and warned that they will be sued if they persisted with the false accusation by mustapha’s attorney after which they crawled back into their holes
6. That Igwe told several lies to Mustapha and apologised to him several times to that effect, which further elaborates the pattern that we’ve known about her publicly so far.
7. That Igwe confessed to Mustapha that she had been sleeping/flirting around and most notably she had an affair with another woman while she was with Mustapha.

8. That in all their conversations, we notice how most of what Igwe talked about was SEX.

A lady that seems crazy about having sex. Giving details of every sexual experience she had with Mustapha.

9. Most importantly, Igwe emailed Mustafa subsequently the first time they made out that she saw a flash of violent rape from her past and she would tell him about it at later date, was she reminiscing about a rape incident she was involved in before she met Mustapha? Most likely.

10. A mother that gave a supposed 17yr old a 12am curfew, and allowed her to go for “drinks” with mustapha a 25 year old, now crying with oby ezekwesili.
11. For those doubting the authenticity of her Facebook and gmail messages, they can easily be proven by the relevant google and Facebook company overseas.
12. She said she saw the young bashir audu in a mall in maryland and started running from one end of the mall to the other in 2008, yet she was still in communication with mustapha and abdul till 2009.

The fact that Igwe also described herself as an “illustrator” (what kind of illustrator are you) on her blog also did little to raise the suspicion of her warriors. How pathetic.
How desperate and despicable can someone be to conjure such a devastating epistle just to rise to fame?
Nigerians are known to believe anything, no matter how ridiculous. That’s why a governor can claim he knows of a minister who has $6B in bank accounts and it will be believed or a president who says past government looters had returned some monies to him without presenting any facts to back his claim.
With the facts that have emerged, Sugabelly is not a victim. She’s, at best, a naive young woman scorned. She loved, and most likely still loves, Mustapha beyond belief. She couldn’t withstand the thought of Mustapha getting married to another woman, she just wanted him all for himself. This is the only soft spot I have for Sugabelly. I hope she’s able to recover because it’s not easy to get dumped by someone you couldn’t live without, someone you have given so much love to. I hope Nigerian men learn from this fallout and stop giving hope to women they had no intention of marrying. But Ezekwesili, whose devotion to social vices is not greater than her desperation to amass fame and money, should use her status to seek psychiatric assistance for the deranged young woman or marry her to one of her sons.
As for Mustapha and his family. There was a man who was once accused of a crime he didn’t commit, when he was discharged and acquitted, he asked those jubilating for his victory in the court, how do I get my name back? How? Mustapha may never get his name intact again, either he gets justice for defamation or not (see: Bode George). But women advocates who exaggerate rape incidents for their personal aggrandisement better start looking for other scams, because this rape is a “format” that has “busted,” no thanks to Sugabelly.

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  1. Hamyz (EYAN MAYWEATHER) says:

    Big thumb up to d writer..if at the end of ds case mustapha truly win d case..wat abt his family name dat has been in d mud..d most painful part f ds is d so called human right activitist in person of oby ezekwesili who wants to use dis to gt bac her fame..can any1 ask her abt her #BRING BACK OUR GIRLS# campaign….
    I jst hate dis woman nd her cohorts wit passion..I pray justice s done to dis case..nd f at d end sugarbelly is quilty,she shd b dealth with..

  2. Seun Olowolagba says:

    Seen. ..

  3. OMG!!! It's JIK says:

    #Clapping….What a 9c epistle! I jes thought about d whole scene again! Why was she even rejoicing d@ Audu Abubakar is dead and made no reference to him @ all in her story (sumfin like “I reported his sons to him buh he got me locked up or he once bumped into his sons raping me and didn’t bat an eyelid”) What started all dis episode was mocking Audu’s death and she couldn’t justify that! I’ve always known a child gets punished for his/her parents sin(s) in Nigeria buh the reverse is the Audu’s case as Father is being mocked/abused for his children’s “PERCIEVED” sin(s)! And d@ Oby sef, I love her…..She shldnt let me hate her! (Sugabelly Noni)

  4. Oluwaseyi Edun says:


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