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Plane Carrying 500 Deported Nigerians Lands In Lagos(Photos)

A plane carrying about 500 Nigerians deported from the UK has landed in Lagos.

BBC reports that the deportees are not happy as most of them do not have relatives in Lagos and are stranded at the airport.

Recently, Nigeria expressed concern over UK’s plan to deport 29,000 Nigerians, and has insisted that due process be followed before Nigerians are removed from the UK.

Nigeria also said Britain must ensure that those been deported are really Nigerians, medically fit to travel and have a role to play in the country – meaning they should be able to fit into Nigerian society.

Photos below:


7 thoughts on “Plane Carrying 500 Deported Nigerians Lands In Lagos(Photos)”

  1. Bomi says:

    Back to the basic!!!

    So Lagos is now the dumping ground for all deportees abi…

    Lord have mercy!!!

  2. Michadam's says:

    What for, have they done anything wrong? Please let somebody tells…

  3. ikennaonline says:

    So has the UK fulfilled the conditions Nigeria put forward before the deportation took place or not? Food for thought

  4. Lionheart says:

    Na wa o

  5. efkaynation says:

    Now they are back home, what’s next?

  6. larryqueen says:

    I wonder wat dey will start doin in Nig? Join armed robbers or Boko Haram since dey don’t even av relatives in Lag!

  7. Akindeere Adekunle says:

    That’s insulating

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