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ISIS Vows To Attack Washington Next, Vows Every Nation Involved In Syrian Airstrikes Will ‘Suffer France’s Fate’ 

Wow. ISIS in a very shocking video released this evening has vowed to  attack every country involved in bombing Syria.
In the film an armed fighter addresses the camera to say ISIS ‘will strike America at its centre in Washington’, adding that countries taking part in air strikes against Syria will suffer the same fate as Paris.

The deadly sect has already claimed responsibility for the deadly terror attacks in Paris, which left 129 dead and 352 injured.

Even more scary, CIA director John Brennan warned that more atrocities will be committed against the West by the terror group.

‘I would anticipate that this is not the only operation that ISIS has in the pipeline.’ He said. Watch the newly released video below:


PARIS MASSACRE:  Facts about The Deadliest Terror Attack To Hit Europe In A Decade
At least 129 people are dead, and another 352 injured, after three teams of jihadis struck the Stade de France football stadium, a handful of bars and cafes, and then finally the Bataclan concert hall.
The attacks began at 9.20pm at the Stade de France where the French football team was hosting Germany in an international friendly.
The game was being watched by 80,000 spectators, among them was President Francois Hollande who had to be evacuated from the stadium.
Ahmed Almohammad, 25, from Syria approached the stadium with a match ticket. He was turned away from Gate D after being frisked by a security guard.
He backed away from the gate and detonated his vest, killing one other person. A passport was found near his body.
A second suicide bomber, Bilal Hadfi, 20, blew himself up near Gate H at 9.30pm. No one else was reported killed. Hadfi is said to have fought with ISIS in Syria.
At 9.25pm a separate team of gunmen arrived in a Black Seat and attacked diners at popular Cambodian restaurant Le Petit Cambodge and Le Carillon bar in the trendy Canal Saint-Martin area of eastern Paris, killing 15. The gunmen were using Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifles.


3 thoughts on “ISIS Vows To Attack Washington Next, Vows Every Nation Involved In Syrian Airstrikes Will ‘Suffer France’s Fate’ ”

  1. Lionheart says:

    They won’t succeed in Jesus name

  2. Bomi says:

    Fire burn the wicked!!!

  3. Oriaku says:

    mbok…is Nigeria involved in the airstrike?????? the Lord is in control…

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