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“I Did Not Steal From Nigeria”-Cancer Stricken Alison-Madueke Insists In New Interview(Shocking Photos)

Former Nigeria’s Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke, is unrecognizable in a new set of pictures posted by renowned Nigerian journalist and Ovation publisher Dele Momodu, who said he visited her two weeks ago.

Mr. Momodu shared the pictures while introducing his newly launched magazine “TheBoss newspaper” Friday night.

Mrs. Alison-Madueke, accused of several corrupt dealings running into billions of dollars, is receiving treatment for cancer in the United Kingdom.

She was recently arrested by officials of the National Crime Agency, United Kingdom over suspected money laundering activities.

Alison-Madueke told Mr. Momodu that she did not steal Nigeria’s money.

Photos below:

Allison Madueke before the cancer

Allison Madueke before the cancer

Read the FULL interview HERE.

Wow, she is almost unrecognisable. Although I’m not convinced that she didn’t steal from Nigeria, I certainly feel pity for her. I hope she gets well, and overcomes the cancer.

8 thoughts on ““I Did Not Steal From Nigeria”-Cancer Stricken Alison-Madueke Insists In New Interview(Shocking Photos)”

    Bomi says:

    Moji, you’re supposed to be a mediator, your input can sow a seed in a lot of blog readers mind. As a mediator/Reporter, your job is to deliver the necessary input, not take sides in a delicate matter like this.
    Have in mind a lot of people respect your opinion and can quote you, cos your reputation presides you, to them you’re a voice of truth. Though you never accused madikwe, but your doubt is enough to sway people’s opinion.
    You’re entitle to your opinion but on this blog, that’s our job. You’re like the judge, while we your audience are prosecutors/Defence team.

    I hope you don’t take this as lack of respect, cos you know how much I respect and adore you.

    1. Femi Idowu says:

      This bomi sef. Chai!!! See what cancer has done to your delectable Allison. God will heal her

  2. chidi says:

    it is typical of Nigerians to be wary and untrustworthy of their leaders, that is understandable. The Woman has challenged anybody with information on her properties,excesses and others to make them public. People come to this blog because it is considered the blog of record.. that is a big achievement on your part… it is not a sensation and please do not elevate gutter , pedestrian, pepper soup and hairdresser joints gossip here. In the eyes of the public, every public official is a thief, some rightly so others wrongly so. APC is in power now . trust me We will be saying something different they day they lose.. that is the way of life… This woman is afflicted with a terminal illness…many will laugh at her travails at this time, that is their right but remember yours is coming… If their is any 20 billion Naira missing, it must have existed before it got missing… it is not possible for one person in government- riddled corruption Nigeria to control that money by one Individual…However stranger things have happened in Nigeria before…. My point, we want facts and not demagoguery and no opinion based on ethics…. we love you Moji and keep up the good work.

  3. OMG!!! It's JIK says:

    Heeyah…..If money could buy everything! I deeply symphatise with her buh I’m not convinced she didn’t steal d money as well. I wish her quick recovery so d@ Sanusi and herself can be subjected to public debate……We want to knw whr d money is! Agreed she can’t possibly squander d money alone (it must ve had d backings of d creme de la’creme of Nigeria) buh all we want to knw is d root of d matter and dose involved #Chikena

  4. Sandra Harry says:

    Jeezzz! I still dont believe she Is the one on this picture

  5. Lady Anonymous says:

    Then whose money have you stolen? With Dezani’s present health situation, the stolen money is almost useless for her as it is.See naa (Oju ti owo, abi o tan?Eni ba leti ko gbo ohun ti emi nso fun ijo)All those who contributed to put our Nation Nigeria and its citizenry into its present state hardship will pay dearly for their action.

  6. Adebiyi Ayorinde says:

    Ah! People should free this woman, is she the first that will steal in this country? Allow her to rest peacefully and stop compounding her problems. Don’t we have human feelings in this country?

  7. Femi Idowu says:

    @adrbiyi Ayorinde, abi o. At least an naija we dey abi? Anybody can steal and go scot free na.

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