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Monday, 3 December 2012

Rob Kardashian And Rita Ora Break Up, Rob Claims She Cheated With 20 Men

Reality star Rob Kardashian, and UK born singer Rita Ora have broken up.
The two reportedly broke up over the weekend due to distance, and "tight schedules," but it doesn't  end there.
In a very dramatic turn of events, Rob Kardashian, 25, went on micro blogging site Twitter earlier today, to talk about an unnamed lady friend*, who according to him slept wit 20 dudes while they were dating. Yes, you read right, 20 dudes.
See his tweets after the cut...
                                    Rob Kardashian apparently tweets to say Rita Ora cheated on him more than 20 times. Ouch.
In a bid to console her crying little brother, Big sister Chloe Kardashian-Odom twitted:
"Cheaters never prosper @RobKardashian ill be home today… Try and smile little brother.”
Chloe's tweet, together with Rob's angry tweets  have since disappeared from Rob's timeline. Rob has also unfollowed Rita, 22, on Twitter and deleted all  pictures on Instagram relating to his ex-missus.
However, his tweet was seen by his 3.8 million  followers, leading to his fans rechristening his ex: "Rita Whora."
It will be recalled that the two decided to go public with their romance a couple of months ago, after rumors started flying around about their more than platonic "closeness."
Rita Ora is yet to comment on the issue.
Errr...going on twitter to talk about a breakup? Very KarTRASHian. *straightface*

Rob has again tweeted about the incident, showing he has no regrets whatsoever about his earlier deleted tweets. See what he said  below:


  1. So kartrashian,how can he be saying all dat on social media so babyish.if he has issues with her he should deal with it privately.


  2. Not that I support Rita ora for being such a shameless whore, but of what moral good is the kardashians family if I may ask? Rob is just fussing shit about cheating when we all know that cheating and whore is the kardashians familys middle name. You can't eat your cake and have it.

  3. I've neva liked dat chick she screams SLUT

    1. you are female and you shouldn't be making comments like this..how would you like it if a man said same to you or that your eyes body or personality is asking for it?
      its a sexist comment and has no place in modern society

  4. this is really childish and infantile of the guy..this is what happens when the only claim to fame or achievement of a fully grown man is hanging on the coat tails or louboutins of his sisters.
    after a break up you dont go whining and crying on twitter you man up,go on the town and get pictured with a hotter girl than the one that dumped you..im sure the girl probably dumped him for being clingy and desperate..
    while i am not condoning the girl's behaviour,but the pertinent questions should be why did he take her back 20 different times she cheated? and she suddenly becomes a prostitute after she dumped him?
    she is a young girl having a good time in her career and doesn't want to be tied down by a no talent,no outlook kardashian baby
    we have seen people who have gotten married to reformed prostitutes should they remind them of it after every argument?
    im not proud of it but i believe i have had much more than 20 intimate partners from my teens to now same goes for many average guys nuifn special,but i wouldn't appreciate anyone calling me names so why should hers be any different?

  5. Lexy .C. Rockefeller4 December 2012 at 14:27

    And #RitaWhora trended in twirra lol. She's had more hits than Madonna in her prime and she aint even 25 yet. That chick needs to jib; her career is just at its nadir.


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